Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carol King & Maurice Sendak - Really Rosie Television Special OST 1975

Watching the trailer that came out today for Spike Jonze's awesome looking Where The Wild Things Are movie, I was reminded of another one of Maurice Sendak's seminal works, Really Rosie. Really Rosie is a 1975 musical that was animated for television and was broadcasted on channel KTLA5 in Los Angeles like every other Sunday. I loved the fuck out of this shit as a kid. It's about this bratty girl from Brooklyn that puts on a show with all the other brats in her 'hood. Its amazing I even liked this considering my disdain for drama students. Carol King did the songs and they totally kick ass. They bring me back to my innocent youth. *Tear* Grab this soundtrack. motherfuckers.

Happy once, happy twice, happy chicken soup with rice.


Here's the whole TV special!! ROCK!

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