Thursday, December 18, 2008

Black Randy and the Metro Squad - Pass The Dust, I Think I'm Bowie (1979)

As promised here is the one and only album by Black Randy and it's fucking great.

The Metro Squad was a Hollywood punk super-group of sorts featuring members from The Randoms, The Dils and The Avengers. Their sound was spastic and funky. Think disco Crass.

There is a ton of stuff going on here, including a noisy version of "Say it Loud: I'm Black and I'm Proud" where Randy calls out James Chance for stealing his act as well as the dancey "I Slept in an Arcade" which was featured in the film "Ladies and Gentlemen... The Fabulous Stains."


  • The band had a rotating and fluid line up, which even included back-up singers such as Alice Bag and Belinda Carlisle.
  • There's a live track that references "Brenden re-opening up the Masque." Masque = Legendary Hollywood punk club. Brenden = Brenden Mullen who owned the Masque and wrote that really terrible movie about The Germs.
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen... The Fabulous Stains" was directed by Lou Adler who's son is the worst human in the world and should kill himself.

Golden Gate! Ready to jump!


Septic said...

i wouldn't say "even" Belinda, she got their start singing behind our band. i led the band, and started dangerhouse records, and can remember to this day a discussion with the original members of the GoGos in the alley behind the Masque (this was after Belinda et al had been part of our lineup for months).

They wanted me to release their first record, which was a little ditty called "Fuck You Robert Hilburn." This was @ 3 in the afternoon, and I was able to convince them that (a) they weren't quite ready yet, and (b) it probably would not be the best idea to push such a song about the heh, rock critic of the Los Angeles Times. (i mean i hate him too, but how about a little common sense? just look at the columns he wrote about the gogos later on... you can smell the slaver, and it just wouldn't have happened had i followed their request)

also learning how to sing and going to the fat farm were key to Belinda's success, let's be honest. I saw a show about her on VH1 not long ago, an interview from the porch of her villa overlooking the adriatic, and thought, you know, that was some pretty good goddamn advice i gave her. She was talking like Jacky O giving the tour of the white house (think little white pills) however, sloooow and slooooooowwwwwwwer so she may not remember that incident now, but I do.

it should be noted that Alice Bag was recruited to be a 'chick singer' behind 'Mexican Randy' and she was absolutely the best ever in that regard.

SantosRatos said...

Could you create another link??
Looks good !!!

Septic said...