Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peter Falk - Total Bummer ;_;

NOT COOL! Peter Falk's daughter filed legal papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking a conservatorship over her Oscar-nominated father, claiming he suffers from both Alzheimer's and dementia and has become unable to care for himself.

SUCKY! Poor guy was photographed wandering around Beverly Hills a couple months ago talking to himself and ranting. He's one of the best!

If you're looking for shit to rent this weekend, do yourself a favor and see these two amazing performances:

Husbands (1970) - John Cassavetes was a total bro. Perhaps that is why he made one of the best movies about bro-ing down ever. Cassavetes wrote, directed and starred in this over-long, misogynist, uneasy classic with his two favorite bros Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara. They are drunk! They are improvising! They are on a bender in Europe because their other bro died! It's brutal, funny and pretty fucking deep. I urge you all to see this and try not to love Falk as shy dude Gus.

A Woman Under The Influence (1974) - Cassavetes also directed this super fucking heartbreaking story of a crazy ass mom in 1970s Los Angeles. Peter Falk plays the sometimes dickish/sometimes sweet husband to Gena Rowlends sometimes loving/sometimes drunken bitch of a wife. This movie is engraved in my mind forever, especially for the performances from Falk and the dudes playing his fellow manual laborers. See this if you, like me, are a kid from a fucked up family and were raised in the LA area.

Feel better, Pete!!