Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Fabulous Stains OST (1984)

Holy shit, this movie has everything!
  • Very young Diane Lane looking amazing.
  • Very young Laura Dern looking awkward.
  • The Tubes playing a washed up metal band.
  • A fake punk band featuring fresh from The Just-Broken-Up Sex Pistols Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Clash bassist Paul Simonon fronted by Beowulf himself, Ray Winstone!
  • Vince Welnick from The Tubes (and The Grateful Dead)'s character overdoses and dies. He did that in real life!
  • A KILLER SOUNDTRACK that was out of print for years and then up for download on Amazon for one day then taken down mysteriously... BUT HERE IT IS FOR YOU!
  • ...and of course a cameo by Black Randy and the Metro Squad!!
Sadly Black Randy didn't make the soundtrack but I'll post some of his shit later!

Here is their first gig:

Just to be clear the bands on this soundtrack are:

The Stains = Diane Lane, Laura Dern, Marin Kanter
The Metal Corpses = The Tubes
The Looters = Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Paul Simonon, Ray Winstone.

"Do you want to be a professional?"


Aesop said...

This movie pretty much shaped my life philosophy. I stil don't put out.

Agent Lover said...

I will let Defekto know.

defekto said...

How shocked was I to have missed this when it first came out...but I did rent it the week it was released on DVD! eye make-up in cinema.

cory said...

This movie pretty much shaped my life philosophy too. I'm a washed up old Fee Waybill in KISS makeup.

Shelby Cobras said...

Cory, YOU shaped my life phlosophy. I just have SOOOO MUCH respect for you I don't know how to express it. You rule man. You rule.

cory said...

settle down, shelby!

ogkijn said...

best of all it has a cameo by black randy and the metrosquad! have you seen diane lane now? bummer.